Dessert has been with me, "Shen Ling, what did you mean just now?"? What's wrong with this Shangguan Yan? "It's all right, but it's always hanging around under my eyes, which makes me upset." I didn't want to worry the dessert, so I found a random reason. Soon Shangguan Yan recovered. She pretended to be afraid and looked at me. She began to cry. "Lord Shenjun, I don't know where Yaner provoked the Goddess. The Empress must kill me!" Shangguanyan, a ghost who looks like a little girl who is only 14 or 15 years old, is so coquettish and aggrieved that it is estimated that no man can bear to do anything to them, and it is good not to believe her words. But now I think these are useless, Yichen has already known the truth is not to blame her? Yichen patted her on the shoulder, "let's go, finish things quickly, and go back to rest early!" Shangguan Yan looked at Yichen gratefully and nodded. When Shangguan Yan passed by me, he glanced at me intentionally or unintentionally, and I had a panoramic view of the evil in his eyes. Shang Huan Shi Cai. As for Yichen, he just came over to me, looked at me, did not speak, and followed me. Go, little Shen Ling! Ling Xuan came over and raised his eyebrows to me. I really didn't want to see them,Micro Gear Motor, but I don't know why, my feet followed them unconsciously, I was afraid, I was really afraid that I would lose him. Yueni and Shangguanyan are both right. I have no illustrious family background to help him, and I have no strong points to help him. I can't keep myself, and I always drag him down. Now I have repeatedly offended him. No wonder he is so good to Shangguanyan. After all, Shangguan's family has some status. Yes, to put it bluntly,brushless gear motor, I am used to his kindness and his love for me. It's not easy to have someone who is so good to me and I love him so much. I'm really afraid of losing him. So I followed closely behind Yichen, although I could not see anything on my face, but my heart was in a panic. To another point, is still by the dust and Ling Xuan to help Shangguan Yan cast a spell to deal with the white rainbow, came here today, I just know that just there three or four white rainbow is really nothing, the white rainbow here is really called dense. I have a rough look, there are about a dozen, they are all dealing with the white rainbow, only I am useless to stand here, I suddenly feel more and more superfluous. Dessert shook my arm, "Well, don't be in a trance any more, isn't it just a Shangguan goose?"? What are you afraid of? Don't you still have me and the baby? I nodded, the more in this time, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the more I can not easily give up, I do not believe that before the dust is good to me are faked, I do not believe that he will forget me and his baby so soon. Bai Hong is dead, but Shangguan Yan fell to the ground, even though Yichen and Lingxuan are casting spells for her, she still did not wake up. Dessert looked angry, regardless of 3721 ran to ask Ling Xuan in front of Yichen, "is she playing dead again, to win your pity?" Ling Xuan looked at the dessert and couldn't help laughing. "A woman's heart is really terrible. Well, I tell you, this time he's not pretending. You have to think about it. Just now here is close to twenty white rainbows. In the street, she was shocked by little Shen Ling and tortured by her with paper. She has suffered a heavy blow." Ling Xuan's words just finished, Yi Chen no matter what will Shangguan Yan hugged to leave, did not even look at me. Chapter 90 which woman will be so close to me (one watch). "Electric shock?" Dessert looked at Ling Xuan with a face of disbelief, "how do you know?" Ling Xuan knocked on the forehead of dessert in silence, "you are the most stupid, small Shen Ling and Shangguan Yan are the parties, I and Yichen are powerful people, naturally can know some wind and rain.". You don't know, so in fact, Shen Ling, whether Zhou Kang, Yichen or I are all good men, especially me, you two must not think too badly of men, otherwise Yichen clearly knows that you are in the whole official goose, but still do not look back, with complete ignorance in general, do you really think that with his high magic power will not be perceived? "You mean that Yichen deliberately let Shen Ling treat Shangguan Yan like this?"? But then Yichen roared at Shen Ling? To ignore her. The dessert pouted unhappily, with an expression of disbelief that there are still good men in the world. Ling Xuan came over regardless of the dessert. He looked at me and said, "Don't be sad, Shen Ling. It's not necessary. You also think about how much role Shangguan Yan plays today. You really went too far today. If you kill her and live half disabled, what should you do here today?"? If it doesn't work tomorrow, a lot of people will die. It's hard to avoid being anxious. Some things are not what you see with your eyes. If you don't look hard, you may lose something you shouldn't lose in the future. Just now Yichen left like that, my heart has been very uncomfortable, and did not seriously listen to what Ling Xuan said to me, just grateful for his nod. Ling Xuan looked at the dessert. You hurry to go back to rest with Shen Ling first, I have no time to send you, I have to go to catch the souls of those who have been taken away by ghosts and put them into their own bodies, and when this matter is finished, Shen Ling and I need to help those people return Yang together! With that, Ling Xuan strode away. Dessert took a taxi. I didn't speak all the way. Dessert just looked at me quietly. I didn't get off until I got home. But when I got to the door, I was stunned. Could Yichen and Shangguanyan be inside? I am hesitating whether to go in or not, I really don't want to see the face of Yichen's indifference to me, and I don't want to see him caring for Shangguan Yan. But if I don't, where can I go? Dessert knows I'm hesitating, "You're her wife,Small Dc Gear Motor, you should go home!" Then he said dessert and pressed the password. Walked right in with me. Inside the hall, Yichen just came down from upstairs and saw me and dessert. He said, "Wash up and go to bed quickly. It's very late." 。