And in the next second, Lan Lingqian could not control his emotions. Pointing at Luo Qingchen, he said, "You lie!" The queen, sitting in a high position, was stunned for a moment, and her whole face turned white in an instant. She knew that Lan Lingqian liked Feng Qianchu and knew that she must feel bad now, but she didn't expect that she would be so bold to refute it face to face! "Bold-" Feng Qianchu narrowed his dangerous eyes, and his whole body sent out bursts of cold, which made people shudder. " Sir, don't be angry first. Luo Qingchen's beautiful eyes twinkled slightly. "I don't know what this girl thinks," she said with a smile. Just for a moment, everyone's eyes fell on Lan Lingqian's body. This man is too arrogant! Isn't it because she is the maid of the empress? It's the prince's dinner. It's none of her business. You don't understand that! As soon as the woman saw that she could not get what she wanted, she envied the second daughter of the Grand Maester of the Palace. "I can't see the face of this kind of person anyway. I have no status and no status. Do I still want to climb up to the prince?" …… In this world, the more important a woman is, the more she likes to gossip. Everyone who comes to the East Palace for dinner tonight is either rich or noble. In their eyes, the most despised is Lan Lingqian, a woman who has no status and can only confuse people with foxy dancing. The next second, Lan Lingqian knelt down with a thump and looked at Feng Qianche and said,water filling machine, "The maidservant just doesn't want the prince to be kept in the dark!"! What? Luo Qingqing? This man is Luo Qingchen, who married Rong Muling, the son of the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, three years ago! Lan Lingqian's sonorous and forceful words are like huge stones, knocking on everyone's heart. And the one who received the heaviest knock was naturally Rong Muling. He used up all the people he loved in his life. In her eyes, he was just a chess piece, a chess piece that could help her complete the task. You said that man was my sister! Luo Qingchen looked light,juice filling machine, his expression was still very calm, and he could not see any waves. You're lying! You're lying! Lan Lingqian shouted at the top of her voice, almost exhausting all her strength. She felt that she had gone mad, completely mad. So if I can prove that I'm not lying, how can you compensate for the false accusation against me. She paused, and a cold chill flashed through her eyes. She squinted at her and said, "Fate?" Everyone looked at each other and could feel the aura of the second daughter of the so-called Grand Maester of the Palace standing on the high platform. It was exactly the same as the deterrence of His Royal Highness, which made people gasp. You prove it! Lan Ling bit her lip and looked at her and said, "I'm definitely not framing you." "I vaguely heard my father say that my sister is good at everything, but she can't understand the rhythm." As soon as Luo Qingchen's cold eyes converged, he looked at her with a glimmer of light in his eyes and said, "But what I'm best at is melody. I'll improvise a song on the birthday of the prince today." When the sound fell, she did not forget to add: "In addition, liquid bottle filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, just now I heard someone say that the people who practice in Xuefeng Mountain have many powerful points that ordinary people do not have. This is true. I will show you in the following performance." Chapter 2066 Deep Palace Sake Peach Blossom Drunk (48). Feng Qianchu's eyes trembled slightly, and her ears echoed with the words "I don't want to" she said. In fact, he has enough ability to protect her thoroughly, and he doesn't care about the gossip of others. However, she cared more about him and made up a lie directly. One that filled his heart with warmth and touching. Lies. Luo Qingchen walked slowly to the girl who had just played the zither, and the girl saluted respectfully and gave her a place. System, you do me a favor. [Ding-deduct 1000 points of exchange value, get system help once!] …… The further back the plane of time and space goes, the lower her need for exchange value becomes. After all, in the middle of a blank memory, she has become strong in countless tribulations. The system probably sensed what she wanted and opened her mouth directly. However, she is also indifferent, but in the heart of a proud hum to the system way: "sit on the ground to raise the price, take advantage of people's danger.". She withdrew all her emotions, frowned gently between her eyebrows, and her eyes were as pale as water. Snowflakes in the sky fell down one by one, mixed with peach petals falling everywhere, it seems so beautiful. Once upon a time, the original owner who loved peach blossoms, even the only pot of peach blossoms, was cruelly discarded by Rong Muling. Now, Feng Qianchu has given her the whole peach grove of the East Palace. She should say a word of apology to the original owner, because after seeing Rong Mu Ling, the dull feeling in her heart, she wants to say goodbye completely. My sister has always been a very gentle person. Luo Qingchen gently raised his hands and plucked the strings twice on the ancient string. "It's a pity," he said. "She's had a hard life, and the person she met is not a good man." She plucked the strings again, as if she were telling a story, so that everyone present could get into the atmosphere. This song is dedicated to the sister who once went to see it regardless of her own safety. May she be accompanied and cared for in the afterlife. That year, the long street was full of spring, and the misty rain on horseback was like a dream. Take shelter from the rain under the eaves and look into a pair of deep eyes, just like the breeze of Huashan Mountain with fine snow. The rain is slightly cool, and the wind blows through the dim fragrance. The heart palpitates for a moment, like your gentle sword, passing through the place like a startled swan. As she sang the tune, all of a sudden, several butterflies landed on her strings. They are dancing in the scene of snow and peach blossoms, so beautiful. At this moment, all the people present were stunned, is this the number of the so-called monastic people? Luo Qingchen is fully integrated into the atmosphere of this song, in her view, this song can probably fully tell. The life of the original owner.. - Later, when the family met again at the wedding banquet,liquid bottle filling machine, the beautiful woman was shaking red in the shadow of the side candle. The light reflects a pair of picturesque faces, just like the gentle old dream of cardamom branches. The opposite side does not know, suddenly the mind surges.

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