"Even if Xiao Ran becomes a God of death, she can come back to see her sister at any time. Doesn't Xiao Ran want her sister's eyes to recover as soon as possible?" I looked very sad and grabbed my handkerchief. As soon as I said this, Aizen was at a loss for words. He didn't know what to say. He lowered his head and thought about it. [My sister is right. Only when she enters Jinglingting can she find a way to cure her sister's eyes. My sister has been with me for ten years. If she drags on, it will be very bad, but she is reluctant to leave with her sister.] I came to Aizen's side and reached out to touch Aizen's hair, which was already half a head higher than mine. It felt very good and soft. Let Aizen's eyes look at me, "Sister won't run away, Aizen can come to see me as long as she has time. I have worked hard to educate you for more than ten years. Can't you let your talent be wasted here? I don't like people who have accomplished nothing, so Xiao Ran must work hard to let those people see." Aizen bowed his head and said: [Yes, my sister is so powerful. How can I be a younger brother to lose face for my sister? If I want to stand beside my sister forever, I have to have enough strength and status. Now I am nothing.] Looking at the refreshed Aizen, his eyes went from confusion, reluctance, to firmness,water bottling line, and I knew he had figured it out. I will listen to my sister's words to test Mao to be the God of death and stay by your side forever. The last words Aizen only whispered in his own heart. I naturally know what Aizen thinks, but I have not exposed it. Everyone has his own goal to pursue. Only when he sets a good goal, can he keep moving forward. That's why I didn't expose it. I just rubbed Blue's hair more messy. Today is the day for Mao to sign up. I have already signed up for Xiao Ran in advance. Let's go soon. "I turned over my hand, and a registration form appeared on my hand. It was Mao's registration form. I specially asked the spirit king to prepare it for me! Aizen took the application form, looked at it and put it away. He looked at me with a smile and said, "Well,water bottle packaging machine, Aizen will definitely be admitted to Mao." Aizen's voice was not very energetic, and I didn't pay much attention to it. I believe Xiao Ran can do it. I have asked Hong Ling to prepare it. This is a communicator. You should know how to use it. "I flipped through it casually, and a silver thing similar to a mobile phone appeared in my hand and handed it to Aizen.". No matter where I am, this thing can talk to me at any time. It's a bit like a mobile phone. Its functions are basically the same, but it has some other functions, such as status system and direct notification of danger. Of course, I haven't added the defense system at all. Now my goal is to make Aizen die as soon as possible. Aizen nodded to show that he knew how to use it, and then gently hugged me back. Only then did I realize that Aizen was no longer the child he was ten years ago, but a teenager taller than me. Aizen just hugged me back and let me go. Then he stood in the middle of the teleportation array that the cat had already prepared and said goodbye to me with a smile. Watching the silver flash until it disappeared, my eyes moved away from the mobile array, Edible oil filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, and now I'm the only one left, it's really not a good feeling? I don't know how Bai and Jun are now. I haven't seen them for ten years, but it should be a very short time for them. After all, the passage of time in the world of corpses and souls is different from other worlds. What should we do? I was bored lying on the spacious sofa and curled my long black hair around my ears, because when I came to death, my hair turned black, just like when I was in the world of Hokage. As long as I leave the boundary, I will become the same height as when I was in the world of Hokage, with a height of about eleven years old. Only in this way can the balance of time and space not be affected. Ah, by the way, isn't the third floor still empty? He only said that I can't leave death here, but he didn't say that others can't come here. Can I find someone to chat with me? I'm really smart. Then I jumped upstairs and turned on the communicator to contact Ikuko again. Ikuko is very depressed, why does the master want to find her when he has something to do? Why don't you find someone else? Can it be said that Ikuko seems to be easy to talk to. Dudu: You are the person with the highest position except my daughter. Is it called the ability to work hard? Ikuko: I protest, I.. Toot toot toot..) Although it is very depressing, the etiquette is still indispensable. Master, what's the matter? It's better not to let her find the game card of Greedy Island like last time. The owner will really embarrass her. At that time, Greedy Island was not good at all. She ran to the future to find it and wasted a lot of her energy in exchange for the card. Hee hee, Ikuko, what have you been doing recently? I smiled, trying to outshine the Virgin Mary. Back to the master, the subordinates are instructed by you to teach Shuiwuyuebai, Kimimaro, and those who have signed the contract to cross. "What about the teaching?" I forgot about that. " Shuiwuyuebai and Kimimaro introduced the master's teaching from childhood with extraordinary strength. Those traversers have to start from the most basic. It may take a hundred years to carry out the task. It's impossible now. "Oh, then there is Lao Ikuko, after all, it is our time to come out, how can there be weak, you say it is Ikuko." "Subordinates will work hard to make them good managers." "Actually, I came to you this time because I want you to arrange a time and space door in my room. How about Ikuko?" Although I don't need these troublesome things to go to other worlds, other people still need to use the Tao, otherwise they will be in trouble if they are not careful. " Time and space door, the subordinate wants to know what the master wants this to do, with your strength does not need that kind of thing at all. "Only like us need that kind of thing to stabilize the tunnel and determine the position.". The latter part of the sentence Ikuko is very clever not to say,PET bottle Mold, this is the weakness of their managers, think about other world managers who need this kind of thing, only they need this kind of thing. gzxilinear.com