"The son of light is the son of light!"! God save the human race. God save the temple of knights. Long Xingyu could not help his voice trembling slightly. As he spoke, he withdrew his protection of the light. Dad, what is a son of light? Ah, where are my clothes? A mountain wind blew, Long Haochen only felt chilly between the strands, only to find that he was naked. Suddenly he exclaimed. Only then did Long Xingyu react, and with a shake of his right hand, he already had an extra gown of his own, which enveloped Long Haochen. Looking carefully at his son, Long Xingyu found that compared with before, Long Haochen's skin seemed to have a light golden luster, which could only be seen in the sunshine. But the strange thing is that he does not have the light breath that other knights will remain for a long time after the Holy Awakening. On the contrary, the light breath is all inward, without any overflow. Only those eyes can see the special place. 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Long Haochen is greatly surprised, he can also feel at this time, in his body seems to have a warm air flow,bottle blowing machine, will follow their own ideas and rhythm. Easy Long Xingyu showed a wry smile on his face and secretly said in his heart, "This boy is really a full man who doesn't know how hungry he is.". When a knight awakens, if he can have twenty innate spiritual powers, he will praise the God of Light. Your gift is very good, but it is only brought about by the divine awakening. And you will have to make great efforts to practice in the future before you can go up to the next level. Do you understand? Let's go back and say. "Dad, I will try my best." Bai Yue stood not far away silently watching this scene, saw Long Xingyu holding Long Haochen back to the cabin, her face also rippled with a smile. She doesn't know martial arts, but she knows her husband. She saw clearly the shock on Long Xingyu's face before. Her husband was so powerful that he was shocked by his son's talent. It seems that Chenchen is right to choose the road of knight. Just, if one day, their father and son really want to face that person. Back in the cabin, Long Haochen first changed into a coarse cloth clothes he brought, and then continued to listen to Long Xingyu's teachings. Long Xingyu said in a deep voice, PET blow moulding machine ,CSD filling line, "Now it's time to tell me your choice.". Guard or punish? Without thinking and hesitating, Long Haochen said firmly, "Dad, I want to be a guardian knight." "Guardian Knight?" Long Xingyu froze for a moment, "are you willing to give up the powerful attack and personal combat effectiveness of the punishment knight?" Long Haochen said persistently, "Dad, you said that it is a matter for all of us to fight against the Demons.". A person's strength is small after all. If I can become a guardian knight, I can better protect the people I want to protect. At the same time, it can help more people survive on the battlefield. Long Xingyu was obviously a little disappointed. He sighed and said, "However, in the end, those who can really challenge the seventy-two pillars of demons are the strongest human beings with the strongest individual fighting capacity." Long Haochen asked subconsciously, "Can't the Guardian Knight challenge the Demon God?" Hearing his question, suddenly, Long Xingyu's eyes lit up, "Yes!"! The innate spiritual power is ninety-seven, the son of light of the divine awakening, has enough spiritual support, why can't we learn more? Punishment and protection are just a classification. Maybe you can create a miracle. Double cultivation may be the most correct choice to truly bring into play the talent of the son of light. Long Haochen seemed to understand something and said with a surprised face, "Dad, you mean to let me practice the ability and skill of punishing knights and destroying knights at the same time?" "That's right.". From now on, I will teach you the method of punishing knights. Two years later, you will go to the Hall of the Bright Moon to practice the profound meaning of guarding knights. Perhaps, this will reduce the speed of your spiritual power. However, as long as you can put punishment and protection into one furnace, you will become an unprecedented powerful knight in the future. Time passed day by day, and the knight's inheritance continued on the top of Odin Mountain, where the wind and clouds were light. In a twinkling of an eye, a year and a half has passed. When, in the crisp sound, a layer of golden light suddenly lit up from the body of the teenager, and then, a round of light like the sun burst up and condensed into a light blade to break through the air. The bamboo sword waved lightly, but the golden blade was destroyed in front of a small bamboo sword. Yes, your obsidian chop has basically got the essence of the spirit. The only difference is the improvement of heat and spiritual power. It was Long Xingyu who blocked the dazzling blade with a bamboo sword, and the young man who used the blade was naturally Long Haochen. A year and a half later, Long Haochen is almost twelve years old. Compared with when he was still living in Odin Town, he has undergone tremendous changes. Only twelve years old, he is nearly 1.6 meters tall. He does not look strong, but his slender figure has perfect proportion. His black hair flutters behind his head,water filling machine, and his glittering and translucent pale golden eyes can distinguish people. The original beautiful little face has been transformed into handsome. But it's still perfect and amazing. With his calm temperament and stature, even if he said he was 14 or 15 years old, some people would believe him. gzxilinear.com