The strongest abandons less

Although Shen Weiju was extremely angry in his heart, he did not show it at all on the surface. He walked into a reception room with Shi Kaigen and four strong men standing outside the reception room. He thought he was going to say something, but as if he hadn't seen the four people standing outside, he went straight into the sealed reception room. Shen Weiju's plan immediately fell through. These four people are the most powerful four people in the'Hong's Seven Killing Fists' Martial Arts School. Shen Weiju's idea is that once he raises an objection, he immediately tells him that this is the rule of the Martial Arts School. According to this kind of personality, then the next must be a fight, Shen Weiju is sure to subdue him with the help of four people. But to his surprise, he went straight into the reception room as if he had not seen the four men. Is he really so powerful? Shen Weiju suddenly had no bottom in his heart. Shen Weiju would never do something without a bottom line. After thinking about it for a long time, Shen Weiju decided not to do it first to see what this person wanted to ask. After a few cups of tea were served, Shen Weiju smiled again and said, "What do you want to ask?" "Master Shen, my eldest brother wants to ask Tong Zhu something, but I can't find Tong Zhu now. Please inform the master." Shi Kaigen immediately said. Shen Weiju frowned, he did not say that he did not know Tong Zhu, but Tong Zhu's identity is special, and in this period of time, the'Hongwu Gang 'brothers rarely appear. But now that these two people have found here, it means that they must know that the'Hong's Seven Killing Fists' Martial Arts School is connected with the'Hong Wu Gang '. Thinking of this, Shen Weiju folded his fists and said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I do know this friend, Tong Zhu, but he can't see you now. Even recently, he can't come out to see you.". This is an internal matter of the Hongwu Gang,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, so please forgive my friends. Shi Kaigen immediately stood up, "what does Shen Guanzhu mean by that?"? I also know that your'Hongwu Gang 'is going to fight with the'Yamaguchi Gang' recently, but you can't let me not see Tong Zhu. He still had some patience with Shen Weiju, but he no longer had any patience with Shi Kaigen. Shen Weiju has been in a high position for a long time. When did this little one on the street dare to shout at himself. Shen Weiju said to Shi Kaigen coldly, "It's not your turn to give advice on the matter of the'Hongwu Gang '. Although'Flying on the Grass' has some fame in Chinatown, it's not enough for me to see it in front of the'Hongwu Gang'. I think it's all in China, so I'll forget it." Kui stood up and said lightly, "Shen Weiju, give me a minute to take me to see Tong Zhu. Otherwise, there will be no'Hongwu Gang 'in Chinatown after today." "It's so rampant. I, Shen Weiju, want to see what you can do to destroy my'Hongwu Gang 'today." In the face of his aggressiveness, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Shen Weiju finally could not help changing his color. But before Shen Weiju called the four people outside the door in, he quickly stepped forward and grabbed Shen Weiju's neck with one hand. He lifted Shen Weiju up like a chicken. Then he said slowly, "Do I have the ability? It's not up to you." Shen Weiju was shocked. He saw him coming forward and stretching out his hand to pinch his neck, but he just couldn't avoid it. You should know that you are a warrior in the middle of the yellow level, not just a guard and the black-faced coach can be compared, but in the hands of this young man, he and the guard seem to be no different. Shen Weiju finally changed color, and he immediately knew who he had offended, and this person was even likely to be the legendary prefecture-level warrior. If he is really a prefecture-level warrior, although it is difficult to destroy the Hongwu Gang, it is not impossible. The four big men at the door of the conference room immediately saw what was going on in the conference room, and without thinking about it, they rushed over immediately. He just raised his foot and kicked, rushed to the front of the strong man, and was immediately kicked out. Then the strong man hit the second strong man, and then the second man hit the third man, until all four fell together, like a pyramid. Shen Weiju froze, and he did not dare to guess who he was. In vain, he wanted to subdue him through the five of them, and then at least remove one of his hands and feet, but now he felt how ridiculous his idea was. Shen Weiju wanted to say a few soft words, but his neck was pinched and he could not spit out a word. Shi Kaigen was even more elated. For him, the more powerful he was, the more right his choice was. Shen Weiju's huge name, but in Ye Ge's hands like a chicken, there is no ability to resist. He threw Shen Weiju aside and said lightly, "Give me a minute to take me to see Tong Zhu. Otherwise, if I say I will destroy your'Hongwu Gang ', I will destroy the'Hongwu Gang' and never break my promise." "Cough." Shen Weiju coughed several times in succession, and then he recovered his breath. He quickly stood up and bowed to the end without hesitation. "Senior, the younger generation has eyes but does not know Mount Tai. Please atone for your sins. I will take the senior to see Tong Zhu immediately. Senior, please." Then Shen Weiju carefully led the way ahead, and no longer had those little worries. Caution is also based on the strength of the difference is not big, once the strength of the difference is too big, people pinch him like an ant, any small conspiracy is floating clouds. Shen Weiju has been in Jianghu for a long time. How can he not understand this simple truth. Shen Weiju took Kui and Shi Kaigen out of the back door of the'Hong's Seven Killing Fists' Martial Arts School. The three of them went around and around. After turning two streets, they entered an old private house. The door of the old house was tightly closed. Shen Weiju went to the door and rang the doorbell several times. He noticed that the number of times Shen Weiju rang the doorbell was very regular. It seemed that this was their contact signal. The divinity had swept in,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and the old house was very large, even with a large lawn and an artificial lake. It's not bad to have such a place in the downtown area. At the door of a basement, I saw several men guarding it.